Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our goal is 100% local produce and supplies!

Being a Springfield, MO B&B, our “product” is 100% local. Our rooms, our breakfasts, our events all take place within the United States, within Missouri, within Springfield, within the National Historic District. Why shouldn’t we use and support 100% local supplies? It is so much more rewarding to buy from friends and neighbors.

We have always had a “local first” mentality, but today there are many more options for buying local. I still shop at Sams, but the number of my purchases there goes down every year. Local, free-range eggs were our first find, and for the past two years Happy Mouth Foods have been delivering the most beautiful eggs to our back door every week. The quality, freshness, and taste have convinced us the extra cost (over 3 times the cost of “Sams” eggs) has proven to be a sound decision.

This summer we went on a hunt to find a reliable local source for breakfast meats. We have purchased a commercial brand for years, and the taste is good, but the bacon slices have gotten thinner through the years and the sausage texture is not what we want. Plus, there was no “good feeling” like when we purchase the local Happy Mouth eggs!

All we had to do is put out the word with our local friends and guests, and we found Horrmann Meat Company. They are located here in Springfield at 1537 West Battlefield and their tag line says it all: “Nobody can bring the best of what local farmers have to offer than the butchers who see and process it!”

They have been wonderful to work with, individually packaging just what we want, sometimes cutting our bacon while I’m in the store. All our “meat eating” guests have praised the local grass fed product, without knowing it is totally antibiotic, steroid, and sugar-free.

Today I purchased their hickory smoked Cajun-style bacon. I am looking forward to seeing what our chef Rita does with that!

Another update: If you haven’t visited and “Liked” or Walnut Street Inn Events Facebook page, come on down! Events Coordinators,

Shelly Drymon and Patty Workman, are doing a wonderful job keeping our “Local Product” fresh and fun! They coordinate all our parties, weddings and special events here at the Inn, and maintain our new Events Facebook
Page for easy access to what we offer. They just had a sit-down birthday dinner for 40! We are a few “Likes” from 200 for this new site, and when we hit 200, there will be a drawing for a free night at the Walnut Street Inn! If you haven’t found the site, take a look and “Like" us at:

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