Monday, April 15, 2013

Just another spring day at the Walnut Street Inn

This past few spring days at the Inn have been fun and rewarding. We had a group of 8 couples who get together once a year and stay two nights at a B and B within Missouri. They are wonderful guests, and very appreciative of the house, staff and property. They were here before, and if I am lucky, will be here again.

I love to see guests using the parlors, porches and decks of this old house. I love hearing snippets of conversation between old friends. Their banter is casual but kind, direct but not rude. They know the accomplishments and failures of each other, and the discussions build on years of insight and empathy. The gatherings go well into the night, on the back porch with cigars, and in the parlors with music.

My sense of déjà vu is that this type of sharing has gone on at this exact spot, very similar to what I’m witnessing now, again and again for the 117 years the house has existed; laughter and tears, cigars and scotch, friendship, support, and love. What more could we want in life.

I’m thankful they found the Walnut Street Inn, and it reinforces why I have been an Innkeeper for the past 17 years.

Gary at Walnut Street Inn
 900 E Walnut Street Springfield, MO 65806
 Info: 417-864-6346
 Reservations: 800-593-6346

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The Walnut Street Inn

The Walnut Street Inn
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