Thursday, July 12, 2012

Independance Day - 2012!

Springfield Nature Center

This past week was Independence Day, or 4th of July. You expect hot weather by the 4th, but the last two years has been brutal. Walking into the Inn after watering the flowers always feels so good. We have a fan right by the kitchen door, so I stop there and revel in the breeze for a few minutes.

Guests come prepared for the heat and still get out in Springfield for many adventures. Shopping is always a good way to beat the heat (the Battlefield Mall or Bass Pro), as well as touring Fantastic Caverns (always 65 degrees), taking the kids to the Discovery Center, going to Watercolor USA at the Springfield Art Museum, or walking over to Jordan Valley Park for ice skating and playing in the interactive fountain.

For the second year, Fireworks on the Field, coordinated by UDA, put on a wonderful festival. You had the option of ice skating, indoor inflatable fun, crafts at the Creamery Arts Center and Discovery Center, all in air conditioned buildings; then in the evening, a Springfield Cardinals AA baseball game, concert by Members Only, then the traditional fireworks above the field. All for $8 a ticket! Thanks Jordan Valley Park, the Creamery Arts Center, Discovery Center, Springfield Cardinals, and UDA for putting on such a good show! We had a blast and so did our guests.

Speaking of our guests, for the second year in a row, we had three generations gather at the Inn for the 4th of July. They were so sweet and fun. When they left, they booked for next year, so we look forward to serving them again. One of their activities here at the inn was to color, and we are the recipient of one of the art works. Here it is:

Thanks folks, for finding us and making us part of your family celebration. Family gatherings bring out the best in the old house. It seems to appreciate the camaraderie of the family around the parlors, at the breakfast table, and in the porch swings and gliders. I can’t help but think of all the family gatherings that have happened here in the past 116 years, and feel their spirits joining in the conversation and laughter (our ghosts are friendly!) We have board games, card games, etc. from the 1890’s that don’t take batteries and can’t be plugged in or connected to the internet. Kids seem to appreciate being on the “other side of the digital divide” for a few days and parents and grandparents enjoy teaching their kids to play games from their childhood.

This week we had another family with two beautiful little girls. The parents said this was their first B&B because others they called did not accept children under 12 years of age. We have always accepted and promoted families at the Inn. I won’t say the kids are always the perfect guests, but almost all of the time they are welcomed by the other guests, and their presence is so natural to the old house.

Nothing is more exciting to young children than exploring around the house's four staircases, porches and parlors like I did in Grandma’s old house in Thayer, MO. Every corner is an adventure. Every found object that they don’t understand is the opening chapter in a new story. I love eavesdropping on a conversation when a 6 year old explains something to her 4 year old cousin. The explanation may be totally wrong, but it is always well thought out and practical. We have an apple press on the back porch, and I recently heard it explained as a “brick maker.” “See, you pour the mud in here, turn this, and out comes the bricks!” Our future is secure with wisdom like that!

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