Friday, November 23, 2012

Winter petunias and being thankful

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and my niece Lauren, Paula and I drove to Thayer, my hometown, to spend the holiday with my sister's family, my father, and all the gang from Oregon County. It was very pleasant. The food was as great as was the conversation. Only the bitter loss of the Dallas Cowboys marred my Thanksgiving mood. As an avid, lifelong fan of the Cowboys, my attitude toward life often ebbs and flows with the success of the team. It's been more ebbing than flowing lately. But enough about that.

When I walked outside the inn this morning the sun was shining brightly but the wind was whipping 20 to 30 miles an hour all around the property. I did my usual morning inspection, walking around the three buildings, checking out all the changes since I left yesterday morning. The sun was glorious but the wind chill was bitter. I was not dressed for it. Rather than seek shelter indoors, I found the warm, protected spot on the southeast side of the inn where the sun has been shining through the leafless trees all morning. There in this warm, toasty corner was a summer flower pot that I had discarded from the back porch, against the foundation of the house and it was blooming as if it was spring. These "winter petunias" didn't know or care that it was late November and the wind was howling out of the north. Their will to live, grow, bloom, and attract the long gone butterflies was an encouraging message that life goes on no matter what happens. I know that these tough little flowers won't be there much longer. They were living in the moment, and with their example and guidance, so will I.

I hope you find that warm, sunny, protected spot in your world today.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. We are so very thankful for your support and friendship here at the Walnut Street Inn.

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  1. Fabulous entry. I,too, have seen several valiant flowers this chilly November, living in the moment, as you say. It certainly does remind us, too, to enjoy what is right in front of us. Thanks!


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