Saturday, July 24, 2010

I got my first "video thrill" yesterday

I got my first “video thrill" yesterday! A lady called and booked a three-night reservation for later this month, saying, "I saw your video on YouTube.” Wow! What a high! Advertising works! For those of you who have not found it, or I haven’t pestered into finding it via FaceBook, YouTube, or our website, the Walnut Street Inn now has an introductory video.

A year ago March, I attended a Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri ( workshop that finally pushed me over the top to get a video produced. I quickly traded rooms for video work with a local video company, thinking professional work would be the best. They gladly stayed at the Inn then went belly-up in the “Great Recession” before filming one scene.

That is when I discovered (not really “discovered” -- I knew it was there) the video button on my Canon PowerShot SX20 IS still camera, and started playing around with it. My first attempt was video taken on a float trip I took this spring with Cat, my daughter, and Emily, one of my daughters “by other parents.” (If you want to see it, it is posted on my personal FaceBook page and become a “FB friend”). It was fun, and I learned two things; You gotta compose horizontally for video (duh!), and you don’t have to narrate everything that is happening. Your audience can see what is happening. So for the Walnut Street Inn introductory video I did no voice-over, just music and the natural sounds of the Inn.

When I finished it and posted it for my FaceBook friends for feedback, I got a lot of good suggestions on how to improve it. Some of them I could incorporate right away; some will have to be done over time. Thanks to all who participated!

I launched the video, officially, last week, and if you haven’t seen it, I have attached it here, or you can find a link to it on Walnut Street Inn Facebook site, on the opening page of our website (, or by searching for “Walnut Street Inn” on YouTube.

The theory is that some of us are more visually stimulated than just with words or pictures. Movement and sound help us “complete the picture” in our minds of what the experience should be like. A combination of video and stills, along with written descriptions, should convey as accurately as possible what the “Walnut Street Inn” really is, and what it would be like to stay there. We are not for everyone, but the majority of folks who take the time to search us out come with a pretty good understanding of what we offer.

Yesterday when I checked a couple into the Jordan Room, the lady said, “This is exactly like I pictured it from your web site.” That is what we want; Truth in advertising. Better to underplay and surprise them with more than they expected than overplay your offerings and disappoint the guests. I’m hoping this video will do just that.

Now, if I can just find a way for potential guests to smell our breakfasts and the cookies in the evening…

Gary at Walnut Street Inn

900 E Walnut StreetSpringfield, MO 65806

Info: 417-864-6346

Reservations: 800-593-6346

The Walnut Street Inn

The Walnut Street Inn
the Inn is made up of three 100+ year old buildings.