Sunday, June 6, 2010

I love this job!

Tonight is our 4th night of all rooms being full. I love being full; it’s like, well, being full! It’s like that feeling three hours after Thanksgiving Dinner at your grandmother's; you are are no longer miserable from overeating, you are contented, mellow from the plethora of choices you waded through at the table, and ready for a nap in front of the boring Detroit Lions. Ah, true contentment…But I digress, back to the Inn.
This morning guests are coming and going, the mental “cha ching” of the cash register (if I had one) fills the air, employees are rushing to and fro, good smells are coming from the kitchen, wafting up the back staircase and awakening the last of the slumbering guests. The coffee is always fresh, and laughter is everywhere.
This morning, we served the Ham & Cheese Puffs, with Hash Brown Casserole and fresh strawberries and bananas with a mystery cream topping (I forgot to ask), and the smell nearly killed me. About 9:30 I had a chance to sit down and eat the leftovers. I waited my turn to sit on the back deck (my favorite breakfast spot), photographed my plate (seen here) then savored every bite with my second cup of coffee and Sunday’s paper. The crunchy and flaky puff pastry encases razor-thin slices of black forest ham, two kinds of cheese, and a mustard and sour cream sauce that gives each bite just the right tang to awaken every single taste bud in your mouth. Beside this is our Hash Brown Casserole, so creamy and good, made with condensed cream of potato soup, two kinds of cheese, and fresh thyme. For this plate, Rita makes it even more decadent by crisping the casserole on the grill in butter just before serving. The acidity of the fresh fruit clears your palette for the next bite, until only the plate, and your wish for more, remains. I love this job!

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  1. That breakfast has me licking my lips with great anticipation of what we might be served next Thursday morn. I'm so looking forward to our first visit.

    My son planned a very detailed trip to watch some baseball (all of our family trips always included baseball!!) to your inn in May 2007. He had just graduated from Oklahoma State and was on his graduation trip with his girlfriend. Your inn was the spot he "chose" to propose to his love. So your inn is pretty special to them and hopefully will be a pretty good spot for his parents that will celebrate 31 years of marriage in August!!


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