Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

I wrote this last Easter, so I thought I'd post it again. The feeling is still there, even with Cat being almost 19 now.
Happy Easter to all.

Happy Easter! Happy Easter! When I hear that, I immediately think of my daughter's Easter basket when she was a little less than two years old. Paula made one for when she was one, but not very elaborate, for she wouldn't understand much at 10 months old, but her second Easter was different. Paula made her a wonderfully intricate basket, with ribbons and lace, bunny ears and pink everywhere, that we still have, and will pass on to her child if she wishes. That year, at 20 months, Cat could hunt eggs, eat the ears of the chocolate bunnies, and oooh and aaah at the toys, and ask for more. One of the things we found for her basket was a little stuffed bunny, that when you squeezed the tummy, said "Happy Easter!" in a perky little voice that made her giggle. Somewhere in the Catherine archives, we have a movie of her squeezing and giggling, squeezing and giggling, squeezing and giggling....oh to be that pure, that simple again.
Each year, Paula would get out the Easter basket, refresh it with yellow peeps, new pez dispensers, wind up toys, jump ropes, and the "Happy Easter" bunny. Year after year, squeeze and giggle, squeeze and giggle.
Through the years it continued to work, and never got tired. That little voice was just as excited about Easter as the first time. Each time we got it out of storage, the feeling was, surly it wouldn't work this year. But one little squeeze and "Happy Easter!, Happy Easter!" I can still hear her giggle, and see her two fat little thumbs, pushing so deliberately on the bunny's tummy, and waiting for her reward.
This year Cat is 17, and we didn't get around to putting together that Easter basket for the first time in her life. I thought of it in the Easter service this basket for Cat, no "Happy Easter" bunny, and started to cry.
What is it about my daughter becoming a woman, and not still my little girl, that, while I am so proud, hurts so much? It must be the passage of time, and my own mortality.
Slow down, slow down, slow down time. Give me one more year of those little thumbs pushing on the bunny's tummy, and waiting for her reward; Happy Easter! Happy Easter!
Happy Easter to you and all those you love.

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  1. Oh What memories! We can only hope we can relive some of those happy moments with grandchildren!


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