Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There here! Free range chicken eggs from Millsap Farms!

Now don’t everyone rush out to Millsap farms and request eggs. Eggs are a bi-product of one of the many things they do at Millsap Farms (like fresh, free range chickens!), and they don’t have many in the winter. As the days get longer (starting this week! Yea!) chickens will start producing more eggs, and by summer, they are at their peak of production. But they have enough for us, the Discovery Center (what do they do with fresh eggs?) and a few downtown restaurants, so at the moment, their production is pretty well taken up. These eggs are beautiful, large, and full of goodness. They are as local as you can get, with Millsap Farms just outside of Springfield’s northern city limits. They are a CSA – Community Supported Agriculture, where you purchase a share of the harvest and pick it up weekly as it becomes ripe. According to their website (linked below) this starts in April, as the lettuce, cooking greens, peas, turnips, beets, radishes and onions are ready, and moves into summer and fall vegetables and fruits mature. Makes me hungry to think about it!
More local product to come, but starting today, we have free range eggs at the Walnut Street Inn!

Check them out at: http://www.millsapfarms.com/index.html

Gary at Walnut Street Inn
900 E Walnut Street
Springfield, MO 65806
Info: 417-864-6346
Reservations: 800-593-6346

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