Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sometimes you gotta sleep around...

This past week was slow, so for the owner, you don't work less, you work more. When the Inn is full you have enough income to have a full staff. Things are hopping, phones are ringing, folks are checking in, making dinner plans, asking questions, staff is coming and going, cussing and discussing, the kitchen is the happening place. But when there are few guest checking in, it all slows down, and I have to call off the employees. This hurts, me and them. But you do what you have to do to keep the doors open.
So, all that said to say, if I'm the only one around, it is still busy. Even when guest are not checking in, the phone is ringing, deliveries and enquires are ringing the doorbell, repair work is being done, painting, painting, painting, always to be done when you have three, 100+ year old buildings. I swear, the paint jumps off after just two years...any way, and you are the only one there to do it all. So I decided this would be a good time to sleep around. Every innkeeper should do this, and most do. You pack your bag, pick a room you haven't been in in a while and you check-in, just like a guest. You unpack, spread out your stuff on the sink, pack away your cloths, shoes, snacks, and settle in for at least two nights. This is when you find out things like, there is not enough room to spread out your bathroom stuff, there is too much light coming in the curtain, the bed is too hard, or too soft, the clock ticks too loud, or the digital numbers are too bright, all things that the guest notice, but don't mention because it is a small thing. You become your own worst critic.
Well, this time I checked in to the Carver Room on the first floor of the main house. I won't tell you the things I wanted to change, but I will tell you it is a great sleeping room; dark, cool, quiet (as an urban location gets), firm, even matress, and just enough air flow to help you snuggle, grabbing another 30 minutes of sleep in the morning. And the commute distance, for me at least, about 15 feet.

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  1. I've always wondered if inn keepers ever stay in their own inn. I'm glad to know that you do.


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The Walnut Street Inn
the Inn is made up of three 100+ year old buildings.