Thursday, October 22, 2009

A moment in time

Traditional B&B guests are our bread and butter. The true B&B traveler chooses B&B's if at all possible. They are social travelers, who want to interact with the Innkeepers and other guests. They are well read, well traveled, and likable from the beginning. This is who we thought of when we decided to become innkeepers.
What we didn't expect, are the other folks who seek us out. This is a service industry, and there are many who need to be served. Today, a young couple from Springfield checked in, first him, then 30 minutes later, her. Both reaching out to keep those plates spinning on the top of all those poles in life. They have an 18 month old, and a three year old at home with Grandma for just tonight, and they just want to sleep. Just give them 6 quiet hours of slumber. They will get that, and much more, before rushing off to their lives of happy chaos. A little "me" time in a season of "they." I just saw them slip out for dinner, holding hands and giggling. Here is where we serve a great need, by just getting out of the way.

Gary at Walnut Street Inn
900 E Walnut Street
Springfield, MO 65806
Info: 417-864-6346
Reservations: 800-593-6346

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The Walnut Street Inn

The Walnut Street Inn
the Inn is made up of three 100+ year old buildings.